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Franziska Schmidt 2019
"The divisions, the tear, the passages, the core, where destruction is done ..."
Introduction to the Catalogue "Some Changes Made" by Amin El Dib
Rolf Sachsse 2019
"Torsi Addito Tempore – Form, color, and solidity in the images of Amin El Dib from Skulpturhalle Basel"
Introduction to the book and series "On the Fragility of Being"
Franziska Schmidt 2018
"Pictorial Touches"
Introduction to "Body and Soul", Image Tableau
Isabel Zürcher 2016
"Marble, plaster and silver grain"
On the occasion of the exhibition "Marmor, Gips und Silberkorn" at Skulpturhalle Basel 2016
Andrea Gnam 2015
"Under Skies of Blue and Grey"
Book review in: Photonews 9/15
Rafael von Uslar 2014
"Death Images"
Introductory speech to the exhibiton "Inbetweenplayroom"
(at Aufgang West)
Boris von Brauchitsch 2014
"Death Images"
Article in the Magazine of Artificial Image
Rolf Sachsse 2011
"An Afternoon with Amin El Dib"
Introduction to the book "Autonome Bilder" by Amin El Dib
Matthias Harder 2011
"Amin El Dib's '... empty rooms' Portraits"
On the occasion of the exhibition "... empty rooms" at Photoplatz Bogota
Andrea Gnam 2006
"The 'Plate' Memory: A Journey to Egypt"
Introduction accompanying the publication in "transversale.org"
Amin El Dib 2004
Acompanying text
Elisabeth Moortgat 2002
Catalogue contribution to "After Nature" - Interlude III
Berlinische Galerie
Enno Kaufhold 2000
"Images of People and Animals" and "CutFlowerImages"
Introductory speech to the exhibition "biologica" in Fotogalerie Friedrichshain
Amin El Dib 1998
"A Journey to Egypt. 1997"
Accompanying text
Amin El Dib 1993/96
"Life Before Death & Postscript & Additions"
Accompanying text
Denis Brudna 1993
"Images of People and Animals"
Introduction accompanying the publication in Photonews 6/93